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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sarawak Timber issue planned conspiracy

In a recorded conversation with Norlia Fatimah Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahman, who is the son of former chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ya'akub and cousin to the chief minister - told how the business runs in Sarawak to enrich the elite.

To answer the allegations, Taib said the public should initially learn about his relationship with his cousin's.

"please investigate relationship between my father with him. Was it good or not?

"We never fought once so unreliable cousin. If you want to create a look for something more authentic.

 "They tried to trap someone like me ... from the evidence it can be so construed."

In 1987, Abdul Rahman, who retired as chief minister in 1981 faced a major challenge in politics with his nephew Taib. Abdul Rahman Taib form Permas to challenge but lost the election that year. he commented again several allegations Global Witness says only 5% only remaining forest in Sarawak, this is his response - As of today, we have approximately 60 per cent of forest cover. We have reserved one million hectare of our forests for national park. Almost five million hectares have been reserved for long-term forests. It (forest plantations) will be harvested for timber but it will have to comply with very strict rules. By strict rules we mean that for every hectare, only seven trees will be allowed to be cut down for timber for every 25 years. There are no such strict rules like this even in the European countries for logging activity.

p / s: To Soros .. please visit to Sarawak and see sights that are well-maintained green flora and fauna

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