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Monday, 6 May 2013

Semakin Panas Bukti Propaganda Kekecewaan Cai-cai DAP

或许你可以继续绝望,继续埋怨Perhaps you can continue to despair, continue to complain

但你必须知道接下来的21天很关键,But you must know that the following 21 days is critical, 

成绩揭晓后,我们的领袖还有21天的时间上诉抗争Our leaders still can appeal in this 21 days after the result revealed 

你可以继续消沉下去,You can continue to get depressed, 

你也有自由把"民主已死"的讯息发放出去,You also have the freedom to spread out the message of "democracy is dead", 

但就在你为马来西亚民主判上死刑的同时,But when you sentenced the democracy in Malaysia on the death penalty,At the same time, 

我们的领袖,我们的民族英雄还在顽强抗争Our leaders, our national hero are still struggle against the devil

 为了维护民主,他们并没有气馁In order to maintain democracy, they did not give up 

为了我们的未来,他们还存有一丝希望,For the sake of our future, they still believe there's hope, 

可以的话,转发给你的朋友Please forward it to your friends 

让所有人都知道,Let everyone know,

 我们还有希望,至少在这21天里,We still have chance in this 21 days, 

把负面的能量专为正面的支持Let's give the support to our hero instead of giving negative energy

民主不会灭亡的,民主永远在我们的心里Democracy will not perish, democracy will always remain in our hearts

各位英雄,各位兄弟姐妹,各位来自不同种族的同胞们Dear all heroes, all friends which come from different races,

一起在这21天加油吧~Let's unite together and fight for our future
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