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Friday, 21 February 2014

Skandal Waythamoorthy Bila Senang Bagi Duit Mula Naik Kepala Nak Lebih-lebih

Kedebab bukti Waythamoorthy bukan main disayangi PM dan amat diharapkan dapat menjadi orang yang dipercayai dapat membantu menyelesaikan sebarang permasalahan kaum india Lihat pendedahan Dato Rahman Dahlan mengenai bagaimana mudahnya PM mendengar dan segera membantu Waythamoorthy demi kaum india. 

I remember when Senator Waythamoorthy asked the Prime Minister to resolve Taman Permata issue involving Indians. PM immediately gave my ministry RM35 million to solve it. So it is not true if Waytha accuses PM of not listening to Indian issues brought by him.

I also remember PM reminding Wathya in a meeting that government had allocated millions in various agencies for Indians. Work within the system, PM said. Bottom line, I think Waytha couldn't fit in the system. I think he was restless and felt out of place. But thats not a reason to demonise the PM.

In meetings, I never heard PM raise his voice or criticise Waytha. He was given respect and dignity even if PM disagreed with him.

I had the privilege to have Waytha in my office for a meeting. He was a reasonable man with good intention. But with very little patience!

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