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Monday, 7 April 2014

#Mh370 Anwar’s smear campaign #MissingMh370

No citizen in this nation has ever been ruthlessly attacking the government locally and also internationally – except (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim. While the government is trying its best to solve the mystery of MH370, Anwar has launched an international onslaught on Malaysia’s prestige and repute in disgraceful ways. 

Unashamedly, Anwar is persistently using international media to hurl baseless criticisms at the leaders about the manner in which they are executing the SARs and taking advantage of the media exposure to criticise governance issues with the obvious intention of riding on the MH370 wave to gain political mileage whilst discrediting the government for all and sundry to see.

Concerned Malaysians have expressed outrage at the way in which Anwar is stooping to a new low in his below the belt attacks. He is sickly when behind bars but when free; he has superman energy to execute his agenda to spread his venom and hatred for purposes of destroying this country, which our government is diligently trying to develop for all.

It is common knowledge that the Pakatan Rakyat propaganda of hatred has had a negative influence on the outlook of many Malaysians. At such a time, we must question why Anwar is on this hate campaign.

Instead of slamming and cursing the government, Malaysians must realise how Anwar is disgracing the country in the statements he makes in interviews with international television and print media.

Few would realise that even as the government is stepping up efforts to find MH370, Anwar is intensifying his HATE MALAYSIA campaign because no leader has ever spoken to as many international media in such a negative fashion and at such a high intensity.

Here are snippets of what he has been doing traipsing and globetrotting for his hidden agenda. Before you start cursing the government to defend Anwar, watch every single broadcast as I have done. Think – why did Anwar speak to international media and not local media?

In an interview with South China Morning Post on March 17th (http://tinyurl.com/huan246), Anwar said he had seen the captain of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane at meetings of his political party but denied knowing him personally. He even criticised attempts to link the captain's political affiliations to the plane's disappearance 10 days ago.

The next day, South China Morning Post (March 18th 2014) carried THIS ARTICLE (http://tinyurl.com/huan247) headlined U-turn as Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim admits MH370 pilot is in-law's relative. Shamefully, SCMP even footnoted: “This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Now Anwar says pilot's an in-law's relative.”

While Anwar criticises the authorities for giving conflicting information about MH370, he practices double standards as always in making conflicting statements. Does he have the right to condemn others while he is on a campaign of disinformation?

From denying knowing the pilot, he went on to say he is a distant relative and then to defend the pilot after stating he has only seen him at two meetings. Does all this make sense to anyone?

Other media also carried the flip-flop statement. Hence, one would have thought Anwar would zip up as his integrity is suspect. On the contrary, CNN featured an article on March 18 whereby Anwar was defending the pilot AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan248) where he said:

He alleged that the speculation had only gained traction as a result of the government trying to deflect attention from its "incompetent" handling of the crisis.

"I think there's a desperation by the government of the ruling leadership over the manner they managed the whole crisis. Clearly incompetent, contradictory statements, poor management of the crisis," he said.

In an interview with ABC News Australia March 18th AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan249), Anwar happily digs up his ‘glorious past’ as he relates how he handled old issues such as Highland Towers and contrastingly refers to current effort as ‘a complete failure’.

He talks about fraud elections, control of media, and the lack of freedom and how courts are used as an apparatus for their executive to decide their policies.

There are no holds barred as he drags the country’s name through the mud in his criticisms without batting an eyelid, eyes piercingly menacing as he rants about the failure of departments from airport to police and how the some international media criticised the way the government handled the tragedy.

Is such behaviour befitting a political leader or more that of a traitor?

He has no qualms criticising his recent trial and the manner in which the judgement was made even to the extent of linking it as a ploy to prevent him from standing for the Kajang by-elections. Worse still, he criticised the timing of the judgement and the verdict while his lawyers have submitted an appeal for his case. Legal?

Together with Sivarasa, Anwar gave an interview to Global Times on March 20th AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan250) where they continued on their agenda of disinformation, lashing “out at the government's "poor" handling of the search and rescue operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, and accused it of politicising the links between the jet's pilot and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.”

Of course, there is his infamous interview with The Telegraph April 3rd AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan251) where he accused the government of purposely concealing information WITHOUT providing any evidence to support his accusation.

Putrajaya must be brilliant to be able to hide information that none of the advanced technology used by the international SAR team could find anything. So, which is it? Is Putrajaya 'weak' or 'brilliant'? All it takes is a press conference locally to announce the missing information without the necessity of washing dirty linen internationally. But he chose to do otherwise.

On the same day, Anwar gave an interview with UK news outlet Channel 4 April 3rd with Jonathan Rugman, which you can watch, AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan252). The next day, he gave an interview with Sky News on April 4thwhich you can watch AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan253). On the same day, he gave an interview with Erin Burnett CNN April 4thwhich you MUST WATCH AT THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/huan254) because for all his boasting remarks of how good he is, at the EIGHTH SECOND of that interview, you will be shocked to hear Anwar saying:

They have the capacity to detect all flight movement from south Thailand to central peninsular Malaya (0.08sec)

Absolutely shameful! Anwar - a former minister and deputy prime minister who refers to his own country by the name it USED to have before 1957?

And Malaysians and international audience are listening to him? This is the result of going into overdrive in giving interview after interview day by day until he does not even know the name of his own country!

By granting interviews to international media, Anwar is indirectly inviting people from all over the world to shame us. Just as he has forgotten it is now Malaysia and not Malaya, he must realize Malaysia belongs to us, the people are proud to be Malaysians.

By shaming our nation, Anwar is shaming US. Can’t you all see this? It is not about PM Najib or BN. It is about our beloved Malaysia. How can any Malaysian then join in slandering our country? It is equivalent to someone calling our sibling derogatory names after which we follow suit. Malaysians, please see this in proper light minus any political overtones.

Anyone with true patriotic feelings would uphold the name, the honour and prestige of his tanahair and do his utmost to ensure the name exudes respect.

Even The Daily Mail (http://tinyurl.com/huan255) notes the elegance of our minister:

No government minister has attempted to link Anwar to the issue, but supportive blogs and papers have mentioned the link. On Tuesday, a Malaysian journalist asked Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also acting transport minister, whether investigators planned to question Anwar in relation to the probe.

"We have been very consistent — the government's main focus from Day One has been on search and rescue. We didn't bring this up," said Hishammuddin…"This issue is above politics."

Malaysians and international media must stop pandering to Anwar’s nefarious hate campaign for he has everything to gain. Let us all put a stop to Anwar’s Nefarious Smear Campaign!

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President of
Centre for Political Awareness Malaysia

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