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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The untold truth from Lim Kit Siang

The untold truth from Lim Kit Siang (from Joan)


民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥打从 开始就针对首相拿督斯里纳吉迄今未解散国会的 情况展开猛烈攻击,即使本届国会任期是在今 年4月28日才届满。林氏甚至蓄意炒作说,现任中 央政府已经“过期”,因为本届政府任期应根据上届 大选日期计算,也就是2008年3月8日。

Lim Kit Siang has been attacking PM Najib re parliament’s dissolution, even where the

parliament only expire on the 28 th of April. Lim Kit Siang intentionally played up the issue and accusing the government for being “expired”, stating that the current parliamentary session should have been ended based on the previous polling date. 1) 林吉祥没有告诉我们的一点, 就是他的观点其实是援引亲民联,或 是自称是宪法专家的资深律师汤米汤 马斯(Tommy Thomas)的谈话。如 果汤马斯的论据成立,则4个民联执政 的州属任期,同样也已经“过期”,因为 这些州属州议会的任期,理应 从2008年3月8日算起。

Lim Kit Siang was not honest where he did not mention he was merely quoting Tommy Thomas’ statement. But based on Tommy Thomas’ statement, Four states belonged to Pakatan Rakyat are equally “expired”

2) 林吉祥公开表示,民联执政的 槟城、吉打、吉兰丹及雪兰莪,并不 需要比国会提前解散的原因是因为一 旦4个州属比国会提前解散,她们将成 为“看守政府”,这意味州政府有很多事 情都不能做。

Kit Siang openly mentioned that PR states do not need to dissolve before federal parliament or risk becoming a “caretaker” government which cannot do a lot of things. Therefore they are clinging on the governance of these state, despite being “expired”.

3) 由此可见,林吉祥的为人至今 一点都不曾改变,他永远只是告诉民 众一半的故事,蓄意不用同样的标准 来衡量自己。

From this we can see that Kit Siang has not changed since the past. He only does partial revelation, and does not apply the same standard on his own party.
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