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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hentikan Peperangan Maya Rohani V's Nazri

Dunia cyber agak kecoh sikit bila isu Rohani V's Nazri menjadi senjata blogger melayak sesama diri dalam BN mewakili kem masing-masing. Betullah kadang isu tetlebih cakap mahu buat orang tidak terasa. Tetapi isu ini sepatutnya menjadi satu rundingan antara yang terlibat dan bukannya menjadi bahan oerdebatan Alam Maya. BURUK SANGAT RUPANYA KALAU BERLUASA. Sekarang Tuan punya badan Datuk Rohani sudah bersuara, jadi pandai-pandai ambil nota.

KUCHING: Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Rohani Karim is urging local bloggers to stop pitting her against Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri over statements recently made by Nazri.

She said both of them should be left alone to do their job as ministers, and she believed the matter could be settled amicably.

“Please stop pitting me against Nazri. Let us continue with our work. There is no benefit in us fighting, so to the bloggers, please stop raising the issue,” she told reporters after opening PBB Padungan’s general meeting here yesterday.

Netizens, especially from Sarawak, have voiced their displeasure over Nazri’s statement that Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil is likely to be appointed as the prime minister’s special advisor on women affairs.

Nazri had reportedly said Shahrizat, formerly Lembah Pantai MP, had the experience to help Rohani run the ministry that is accustomed to the peninsular way of doing things.

“Rohani is from Sarawak. Probably her focus of work does not cover many of the peninsular aspects … the ministry is used to the management done by the peninsular,” Nazri had said.

Rohani, who had previously responded by saying that Shahrizat would not be an advisor to her ministry, said Nazri was entitled to his own opinions.

“Nazri has the right to say whatever he wants, although many may not agree with what he said. I really do not have any advisor (for the ministry),” she said, adding she would not blow her top over what had happened.

Meanwhile, PBB Padungan Youth chief Haidel Heli expressed his disappointment over Nazri’s remark and urged Nazri to retract his statements.

“PBB Padungan is disappointed with his remark about Rohani, who is also our branch chief.

“As an experienced politician, Nazri should realise that his statement has hurt PBB and the people of Sarawak in general,” said Haidel at a news conference held a night earlier.

He said Nazri should have been more sensitive by not making statements which could insult a fellow BN leader.

On a related matter, he said PBB Padungan Youth members wanted Rohani to be retained as PBB Padungan branch chief. Although Rohani is Batang Lupar MP, he said Rohani is popular among PBB members in Padungan because she is an approachable leader. Pautan Sumber

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